The Triumph of Disney (Industry Observation)

We’re five months into 2016, and Disney has utterly dominated the cinematic year. With the release of Captain America: Civil War, Disney has grossed over three billion in ticket sales internationally. Zootopia, The Jungle Book and Captain America have destroyed box office records, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens providing an additional amount of the gross total after being in syndication at the beginning of the year.

This dominance comes as a surprise to absolutely no one. Although the success of Zootopia was a little shocking, Disney was predicted to dominate the first half of 2016 with no significant competition coming until Warner Bros. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice in March. Early word of mouth, and a strong cast hooked audiences initial attention for Zootopia. Additionally, a key release at the beginning of March capitalized on school and spring breaks in the United States and boosted national domestic gross.

After recieving a Super Bowl day trailer, gaining millions of hits on YouTube trailer dates, and a promotional campaign that banked on the A-List talent bringing old nostalgia back to life, The Jungle Book was a guaranteed success. Like the animated film that came before it, The Jungle Book was met with critical acclaim. Significant praise was given to the animation, and for being a more faithful adaption of the original Rudyard Kipling novel. The film was directed by Jon Favreau, also known for directing Iron Man 3. 

Captain America is currently in theatres, and is being called the best super hero movie since The Dark Knight and The Avengers. Disney will continue to destroy the month of May, and the sequel to Alice in Wonderland, a film which grossed over 1 billion in 2010, will be released in June. There’s no stopping this fast moving train.


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