Eras of the Movie Trailer: Part 3

The Modern Era of Movie Trailers.



After the death of Don Lafontaine, and the gradual moving away from cheesiness to grittiness, “In a World” was soon replaced by the blaring “bwong” from Han’s Zimmer’s theme, “The Dream is Collapsing” for the Inception soundtrack. Movie Trailers today aren’t accompanied by voice overs (they’re used every now and again), instead they typically use booming percussion that has been popularized by Zimmer’s distinct electronic trumpet sound.

Perhaps second only to the living legend John Williams, Hans Zimmer is one of the greatest movie composers alive today. He’s composed the music for The Lion King, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Gladiator. His themes are enthralling and infectious, and have found there way into movie trailers.

While 90’s and early 2000’s movie trailers were more so extensions of the movie they were advertising, modern day movie trailers are almost there own separate event. They are heavily stylized, with some of the best clips tied together in a greatly edited, grand package. The movie trailer industry has become a multi-million dollar sensation. Compare and contrast the original trailer for The Lion King from 1993, and a modern day recut.



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