Everyone’s Talking About the Oscars!

“Snark + Sarcasm = what you’re about to read.”

– How John Negron Begins Every “Snarcasm” Blog Pst

I gotta admit, that’s a pretty clever way to begin a sub-genre of posts on your blog. John Negron’s “Snarcasms” are witty posts that make, as you would probably guess, sarcastic and snarky remarks about articles and ideas from various artists and authors. The particular “Snarcasm” we’re discussing today is “Let’s Talk About How the Oscars Don’t Matter (Again)”.

In a humorous light, Negron analyzes sentence by sentence another article by Joanna Connors titled “Oscars 2016: Why the Academy Awards Matter, and Why They Don’t”. Connors discusses the cultural relevance of the Oscars, the concept of ranking, and how the Academy is just a bunch of old white men that don’t even watch the films they’re voting. It’s these generalized concepts that Connors writes about that Negron criticizes.

The ultimate conclusion of Negron’s work is that while the Oscars aren’t flawless, it’s a large ceremony that honors the best films of the year as selected by some the most talented, hand picked individuals in the field of cinema. Just because they may not matter to one individual doesn’t mean that they have no importance to another.

It’s 2016, and it’s no secret the Oscars has been losing viewership and popularity over the past several years. This years show brought a new layer of tension with the underrepresentation of black actors in the leading actors categories. As Chris Rock fantastically called the show in his opening speech, “the white people’s choice awards.” The Oscars are going through troubled waters right now, but Negron is cautiously optimistic in his opinion that the Academy can change, and will change with time.

After all, movies are a reflection of culture and ideals. How can we expect the Oscars to change, if we can’t change first?




3 thoughts on “Everyone’s Talking About the Oscars!

  1. Bingo! We can’t expect change if we cannot first change ourselves. Another issue that comes about is that many people don’t see anything wrong with the way things are and continue to be. I have to be honest, I don’t like watching awards ceremonies. I’m just not interested in celebrities and their happenings but a large portion of our nation, The United States of America, is. I can’t exactly say why awards ceremonies are losing viewership because I just don’t have that knowledge but I do think that these conversations are interesting.


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