Celebrating John Williams

Star Wars, Harry Potter, Super Man, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Jaws…you’ve heard of all those movies. The famous images, actors and stories that what make those films stand out. Possibly though, above all else, you recognize there music. Those memorable melodies and themes that we can hum and whistle along to without a second thought. Who could have possibly created such genius? Did you know, that all those songs, from “Welcome to Jurassic Park” to the simple alternating notes of “Jaws: Main Theme” were all written by one man? 

84 year old John Williams, classically trained American composer and conductor, is a humble and respectable man. He is methodical, modest, and deceptively complex in his orchestral arrangements. Largely brass filled, and percussive, William’s scores have their own unique way to enthrall the human spirit. You’ll be hard pressed to find a single negative comment on any work he’s ever composed. Simply put, John Williams is the greatest film composer alive, and arguably the greatest of all time. 

Williams has been writing, composing, and conducting music for the movies since the early 70’s. His biggest hits of the time, Jaws, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones are preserved in the American Film Institutes musical library. His 1977 theme for Star Wars was selected by the AFI as the greatest film score of all time. He would continue to dominate the 80s and 90s, writing the themes for Super Man, Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park. He returned to Star Wars for the prequel and sequel trilogy, and introduced himself to a new generation of fans with Harry Potter, and several critically acclaimed Steve Spielberg films. 

He currently has the highest amount of Academy Award nominations, and has one of the highest film earnings of any artist alive. 


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